Otolaryngology (ENT) - Head & Neck Surgery
Otolaryngology (ENT) - Head & Neck Surgery

Otolaryngology, also known as ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat), is a medical specialty that focuses on the ears, nose, throat, and neck and head diseases. ENT surgeons perform common surgeries such as:

  • Ear Surgeries

Our team of best ENT specialists in Jalandhar perform Ear related surgeries by combining their expertise with highly-advanced procedures.

Tympanoplasty. Myringoplasty. Myringotomy. Stapedotomy. Radical Mastoidectomy. Ossiculoplasty.Facial Nerve Decompression

  • Nose Surgeries

We perform surgeries on nose or nose related issues on our patients. Our ENT doctors have performed these surgeries by using a minimally invasive approach

Septoplasty.FESS. CSF Rhinorrhea Repair.Endoscopic DCR. Endoscopic Orbital Decompression. Turbinoplasty etc.

  • Throat Surgeries

Our ENT doctors provide the highest quality of care for patients with throat-related issues at our hospital.

 Adenotonsillectomy.UPPP.MLS for Vocal Polyp.Foreign Body Removal etc.

  • Conditions of Ear

Hearing impairment, ear infections, tinnitus, pain in the ear or disorders that affect balance are some of the conditions that can make it vital for you to see an ENT doctor. Our highly experienced ENT doctors treat congenital as well as other ear related disorders in various patients

  • Conditions of Nose

Our team of ENT specialists manage and treat problems that affect your nose, nasal cavity and sinuses. These problems can affect the smell, breathing and physical appearance of your nose. So we aim at treating all your nose related conditions before they turn worse.

  • Conditions of Throat

Disorders and conditions affecting your throat can affect your speech, singing, swallowing and digestion. Our ENT doctor diagnose, manage and treat all the disorders related to the throat with highest quality care and professionalism.

ENT Conditions of Head and Neck

Our ENT specialists  are trained to manage the diseases and deformities of head, neck and face. We also perform procedures like cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries in these areas. Our doctors also manage problems with nerves in the head and neck.

Our Treatments

The department of ENT combines finest technology and expertise for treating all the issues related to ear, nose and throat. Our highly qualified ENT doctors work towards the aim of providing advanced ENT surgical care to successfully overcome long-plaguing conditions in patients.

Procedures We Perform

All the ENT procedures at our hospital are performed using minimally invasive techniques. Our ENT unit is facilitated with modern tools to perform critical and most advanced ENT surgeries so as to get the most successful outcomes.

  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

We perform Endoscopic Sinus Surgery using minimal interventions. We use tools like a nasal endoscope to see the growth and polyps in the nasal passage. The pain of the surgery is minimal and recovery time is short.

  • Myringotomy

In Myringotomy procedure, a tube is inserted into the eardrum surgically. This procedure is generally done when the fluid builds in your ear due to infection. The aim of this procedure is to provide quick relief to the patients suffering from ear infections.

  • CSF Leak Repair

The dura is the lining around the brain which contains CSF in it. Though, there may be a hole in the dura which causes CSF to leak into the sinuses. We have the best ENT doctors in Jalandhar who have extensive experience in repairing CSF leaks.

  • Adenotonsillectomy

This ENT procedure is undertaken to remove tonsils and adenoids in kids. We use modern techniques in performing this outpatient procedure. The procedure is conducted in the way that the pain is minimal and relief given to the patient is immense.

Who Needs to See an ENT Specialist ?

You need to see an ENT specialist when you are suffering from any of the disorders related to ear, nose and throat. Our ENT doctors treats the following ENT conditions:

  • Injury to your ears, nose, or throatNerve problems in your ears, nose, or throat

  • Balance problems and dizziness Ear infections

  • Hearing ProblemsTonsil or adenoid infections

  • Ear, nose, or throat birth defectsAsthma and Breathing problems

  • Down's syndrome Sinus problemGrowth or tumor in your ears, nose, or throat

  • Deviated septumBad appearance of the nose or face Nose bleeds or nasal congestion

  • Problems with smellVoice or swallowing problems


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