DrNB Nephrology

Shrimann Superspeciality Hospital has the following Departments in the institution of Renal sciences to have the best exposure for the DrNB students

  1. Department of Nephrology
  2. Department of Urology 
  3. Department of Renal Transplant Surgery 
  4. Department of Renal Histopathology 
  5. Department of Transplant Biology


The Department of Nephrology is Centre of Excellence in Shrimann Superspeciality Hospital, which provides comprehensive health care for patients with different types of Renal (Kidney) disease including Clinical Nephrology, Interventional Nephrology, Critical Care Nephrology, Haemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis & Renal Transplant.



  1. Clinical Nephrology
  2. Interventional Nephrology
  3. Critical Care Nephrology
  4. Hemodialysis – more than 24,000 treatments per annum
  5. CAPD – Active CAPD programme
  6. Renal Transplant – including ABOi Transplant
  7. Special Therapeutic Procedures



A leading centre for the management of all renal problems. State-of-the-art facilities for renal pathology, with complete biochemical, immunological, microbiological and histological (including Immunofluorescence and Immuno-Histo-chemistry) - back up available under one roof. Angiographic, genetic and HLA studies are available in-house for Renal Transplantation & diagnosis of other diseases.



We are one of the few centers in Punjab which provides complete services for Interventional Nephrology including. Department of Nephrology provides complete spectrum of Interventional Nephrology services like

  1. AV fistula
  2. Complex fistula
  3. Permcath insertion
  4. Fistula angioplasty



We are one of the few centers of Punjab to provide CRRT for critically ill patients in ICU/ICCU with multi-organ failure, where peritoneal or routine haemodialysis are not possible for various reasons.

Various procedures done with this technique are:

  1. SCUF (Slow Continuous Ultrafiltration)
  2. CVVH (Continuous Veno-Venous Hemofiltration)
  3. CVVHD (Continuous Veno-Venous Haemodialysis)
  4. CVVHDF (Continuous Veno-Venous Hemodiafiltration)

We also provide latest Hemodiafiltration in such sick patients.



We have 28 bedded state of the art Hemodialysis unit in technical collaboration with Fresenius Medical Services, Germany which provides latest generation, fully computerised bicarbonate haemodialysis machines with volumetric ultrafiltration and adjustable sodium facility, with better patient safety profile. We are doingapprox 2000 Dialysis treatments every month.

Our centre provides Ultra-Pure R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) water confirming to European Standards for the dialysis, to ensure patient safety and prevent long term complications on haemodialysis and online Hemodiafiltration.

We have state-of-the-art computerized dialyzer re-use system which ensures safety & adequacy of dialysis and also economise dialysis for the patient.

Our department is amongst the first few centres in India to start Online Hemodiafiltration Programme and has extensive experience in managing Hemodynamically Unstable Cardiac patients

Our department is amongst the first few centres to start Expanded Haemodialysis Programme using Medium cut-off membrane providing extensive clearance of Uremic Toxins which is not possible by regular hemodialysis.

We have separate units for Hepatitis B & C positive patients.

Our centre confirms to International Standards of Infection Control for Hemodialysis Unit.

We provide following services apart from Emergency Dialysis round the clock.

  1. Low Flux / High flux HD
  2. Online HDF
  3. SLED
  4. CRRT
  5. Expanded Dialysis - HDx -expanded dialysis (latest MEDIUM CUT OFF MEMBRANE)



Department is running active Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) programme for ESRD patients. Our team has extensive experience in managing CAPD patients and department provide following services for Peritoneal Dialysis

  1. CAPD
  2. APD
  3. Acute PD



  1. Plasmapheresis
  2. Double Filtration Plasmapheresis
  3. Hemoadsorption
  4. Immunoadsorption



Our Transplant Team has more than 25 years of experience in managing Renal Transplant patients. The Department of Nephrology provides most comprehensive transplant services in the region including HLA Lab, Histopathology & TDM services to provide complete Pre-Transplant workup and Post-Transplant follow up of patients. We are successfully running following programmes

  • Live related Renal Transplant
  • ABOi Renal Transplant



Histopathology is gold standard in making right diagnosis for managing Transplant patients and the department is headed by Dr.(Prof.) Kusum Joshi, who is Renal Histopathologist of international repute and formerly she was Head – Department of Pathology in PGIMER, Chandigarh.



Immunological matching (HLA Typing) is base of successful transplant. Our department is headed by Dr.(Prof) Suraksha Agrawal who was one of the pioneers in establishing HLA Typing Programme in India. She was formerly Head of Immunology lab at SGPGI Lucknow & she has experience of more than 30 years to her credit. We are one of the few centers in North India who has got inhouse HLA Typing facility to support Kidney Transplant Programme.



We strongly believe in providing quality care to our patients which include high degree of knowledge based professional excellence, which can match international standards. We are proud to have highly qualified professional with vast experience in subject and are of international repute

  1. Dr. (Prof.) S.C. Tiwari
  2. Dr. (Prof.) Kusum Joshi
  3. Dr. (Prof.) Suraksha Agrawal
  4. Dr. Rajeev Bhatia
  5. Dr. Ajay Marwaha
  6. Dr. Onkar Singh
  7. Dr. Umar Maqbool



We are one of the few private centers to be accredited by the National Board of Examinations for training post-graduates in DrNB - Nephrology. We are running active academic programme which includes morning meetings, Journal clubs, bed side case discussions, Seminars, Histo-pathology rounds and Nephro-radiology rounds. DrNB Residents are also involved in Transplant Clinics and in carrying out various procedures under the supervision of Consultants.

During their training, candidates are paid stipend as per the National Board Guidelines.

DrNB - All Superspecialities

   (w.e.f. 1st Mar, 2023)

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3






1. Dr.(Prof.) S.C. Tiwari

Dr.(Prof.) S.C. Tiwari is currently working as Director - Institute of Renal Sciences & Kidney Transplantation for Shrimann Superspeciality Hospital, Jalandhar. He is former Chairman Department of Nephrology, AIIMS New Delhi, Chairman Ethics Committee - AIIMS New Delhi, Former President Indian Society of Nephrology, Former President Hemodialysis Society of India. He has more than 45 years of teaching experience post DM Nephrology and has about 300 Publications to his credit. Apart from being a Nephrologist he is a great academician and teacher.


2. Dr. Rajeev Bhatia

Dr.Rajeev Bhatia is an alumni of IKDRC – Ahmedabad & SGPGI Lucknow, he has more than 25 years of rich Clinical Experience in Nephrology, Dialysis & Renal Transplant. He was instrumental in establishing Dialysis & Renal Transplant programme in various institutions of Punjab and very actively involved in teaching & training programmes. He has many research publications to his credit. Presently he is working as Senior Faculty for DrNB teaching programme.