Renal Transplant
Renal Transplant

Shrimann Superspecialty Hospital believes that a kidney transplant is a long standing commitment for you and for us. Therefore, we make every possible move to give you assurance that your health is in safe hands. At Shrimann Superspecialty Hospital, a team of surgeons are committed to bring the best of teamefforts to make your kidney transplant a success. Our definition of success goes far beyond the operation theatre. We are backed by the most advanced diagnostics, comprehensive pre-operative evaluation and dialysis support, the latest facility in surgical procedures, and complete post operative care including an isolation room to minimise the changes of infection.

Although Kidney Transplant is life changer for patients, not all patients are suitable to have a transplant. The team at our hospital discusses the transplant procedure in detail with the patient during hospital visits. One needs to go through several screening levels to help ascertain the suitability criteria for a transplant. The selection criteria for kidney transplant recipients include the following:

  • Existing or impending end-stage renal disease
  • Free of malignancies
  • Free of active infection
  • An acceptable body weight
  • Impact or correctable urological abnormalities
  • No active abuse of alcohol, drugs or smoking
  • Ability to follow transplant protocols and medication regimens
  • Heart and lung status consistent with being able to tolerate the surgery and consistent with a predicted good, long-term outcome

Every potential candidate is considered on an individual basis. A number of radiological, blood and urine tests are done and evaluated by the Urologist and Nephrologist.